Welcome to the index page for the web publishing efforts of Garth Goodwin. In university, I was one of those luddites
who viewed computers as not being anything to write home about. After all, you had to punch all your data out on
cards, feed them into the machine and then futz around trying to make sense of it all. As the computer became more
people friendly with the Commodore 64, my interest picked up and now, several machines later, continues with a
serious venture into web publishing. There was only so much one could write about the dog so I began to write about
my professional association and things just took off from there. Establishing an online presence, as they say, for
Canadian child and youth care became a mission and continues to this day. Personal sites were published as exercises
as well as content.
The primary site for Canadian child and youth care. This was the first site to earn its own URL. It has
since become the portal for a number of other sites, some personally published for the child and youth
care profession in Canada. These have included hosted sites for those member associations who did
not have their own web sites and several conference sites over the years. Consulting work has been
the latest effort applying photojournalism to the association movement.
A site for family history has also been more of a hobby site for me. Our McComb Cousins have had a
few reunions now and setting up a web site to report on them seemed like a good thing to do. The
site has grown some to include features from family events, history and so forth. It remains a referral
site meant for the family for the most part.
A site for the piers of Lake Winnipeg developed out of a chance opportunity to seeing them being constructed. As this
involves literally building into nowhere, the process and the piers seem almost magical returning each season decade
after decade. There is a concern these skills will be lost and appeals have gone out to the young to come forward and
learn the process.