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Even with all of the letters following his name, Dave is definitely one of the most down to earth individual’s you’d ever
meet. Each word that he speaks is carefully thought out and the knowledge obtained over his years of education and
Dave has worked for more than thirteen separate social service agencies in Ontario spanning from Children’s Aid
Society’s and Shelters, to Youth Centre’s and hospitals. He has held such titles as Night Coordinator, Day Tripper,
Behavioural Consultant, Director, Group Leader, Group Therapist, Lecturer, Facilitator, Advocate, Board Member, Chief
Negotiator, Published Author, School-Based CYW, Itinerant CYW and finally, Senior CYW. It is with this last title how
the majority of our group knows and will remember Dave.

Dave Jull is the first and only individual to ever hold the position of Senior Child and Youth Worker at the Dufferin-Peel
CDSB. Every year since 1992, Dave has coordinated a staff of eighty plus CYW’s and was instrumental in developing
the board’s Child and Youth Work Practice Model. For all of us CYW’s at Dufferin-Peel, Dave is our leader, our
confident, our voice and our friend. By definition, David IS Child and Youth Work. The truth is that without Dave, Child
and Youth Work in Dufferin-Peel simply would not be what it is today. Dufferin-Peel has been called “The Lighthouse”
in terms of school-Based Child and Youth Work and it is Dave that deserves a lot of the credit for this.

A loving husband and father of five, Dave commutes every day from his home in Orangeville to the Catholic Education
Centre in Mississauga, and still drives the Toyota that was coincidentally built the same year that he began with the
board (zing!). Dave is extremely committed and rarely misses a day of work. Only an unexpected heart attack suffered
in 2001 could sideline the man, but it is clear not even that could put a stop to our Dave.
In May of this year, Dave was named the APSSP (Association of Professional Student Services Personnel) member of
the year and was honoured at the association’s AGM. APSSP is a union that represents student services
professionals employed at Catholic and Public School boards in Ontario. The union’s executive had this to say about

intelligence, wit, professional expertise, and steady leadership have paid huge dividends”.

Not only has Dave served on countless committee’s within and outside of the board, he has also been an active
member within the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors (OACYC) for several years and was
responsible for the Dufferin-Peel CDSB becoming an organizational supporter back in 1992, making Dufferin-Peel the
3rd longest standing agency/board supporting the OACYC. After learning of Dave’s announcement to retire, Dennis
McDermott, the OACYC’s current Executive Director commented; “So the old guy’s finally packing it in…This certainly is
an end of an era”. We agree Dennis, it certainly is.

Dave has worked closely with many individuals at the board, but one worked in the office right next door and offered
these words about our nominee: “To coin his phrase, Dave Jull is ‘Rooted in Relationship’. I have had the privilege of
working with Dave in his role as Senior Child and Youth Worker for the past 15 years, when I joined the Special
Education/Special Service Department, as Chief Social Worker. Noting that his career with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic
District School Board has spanned slightly over 30 years, this notion of “Dave was here” is a mantra. He was here
helping to form the Child and Youth Worker and Special Service Rose almost at the outset. He was here working with
one of the first youngsters with Autism, He was here creating the first outdoor recreation programs for children ‘at-risk’;
He was here on several generations of crafting key policy documents such as: our Student Code of Conduct, our
Community Agency Partnership Policy, and recent seminal work on Progressive Discipline and Safe Schools, he is
here constantly organizing the 80+ Child and Youth Workers in our organization, forming liaisons with agencies, with
colleges developing practicum’s; teaching at summer institutes, training so many of us in Crisis Intervention. The
relationships Dave has formed with principals, vice principals, teachers, and support staff, and with me, have been a
huge gift of skills, practice, wisdom, laughter and a constant reminder to slow down: to see each child, one at a time,
in their own unique place in time with all of their strengths and sorrows.”
for the next busy thing. It is here that I see the richness of this life as a husband and father, avid reader, outdoors man,
raconteur and kind soul. All of these qualities inform his work at Dufferin-Peel with an authenticity that is so
remarkable. Dave Jull is the articulate voice of advocacy for the place of Child and Youth Work in education.” Glen
Carley MSW, RSW Chief Social Worker, DPCDSB
Regarding this award, your website states the following:

“The purpose of the CCCYCA Award Program is two fold:
•        To provide much deserved recognition to Child and Youth Care Practitioners who have demonstrated
outstanding skills, knowledge, advocacy on behalf of clients and dedication to the profession.
•        To hold out such role models to inspire others towards understanding practice and to promote greater public
awareness of the important work done by Child and Youth Care Practitioners”. We feel awarding David Jull with this
honour adheres to this purpose.
On behalf of all of the Child and Youth Workers at the Dufferin-Peel CDSB, it is our great hope that your committee
strongly considers our nomination for this year’s National Child and Youth Care Award. David Jull has without a doubt
earned this award, and we believe there would be no greater send off than to honour him (and all of us) by sharing the
story of his journey as a pinnacle for the rest of us to strive towards.

The Child and Youth Workers at the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board