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Care Counsellor, first at the Youth Development Centre in Alberta from 1974 as a Child Care Therapist and then a Team leader, then a Unit Supervisor. When he was already two
levels about the job classification of a Certified Child Care Counsellor, Berry took a tremendous risk of failure, by studying, preparing and then passing the written and oral exam that
many he supervised had already passed. Berry did this as a role model, and as a measure of ensuring the importance of this body of knowledge. Berry passed but did not receive
any financial reward or promotion, normally given for this achievement. He has been a long term “certified member” and has maintained that status in all the years since.
Berry has learnt and taught new programs such as Texas Group Skills and implemented this at YDC to 180 staff then ensured the program was integrated into the daily lives of all
clients in the YDC programs (100+). Berry then worked in the Young Offender system, as a Director of several “Institutions” promoting extensive Skill Development for staff, and
having them deliver impactful programs for clients in this system. This at times ran against some fierce opposition from the “corrections field” workers and the “system”.

Berry has worked for 20+ years at Yellowhead Youth Centre (YYC) in Edmonton and is currently the Manager. He has spent 20 years working on Standards and Outcomes in this
human services field for youth and families, in addition to his role as Unit Supervisor or Manager at YYC. Berry has served on the Certification Board as an officer for a number of
years and then as Chairman. Berry has ensured for over 10 years, that all team leaders at YYC, are certified or they are demoted etc. Berry has promote “Staff Certification”
requirements by percentage of employed staff, in many Agency Standards meetings, and despite opposition to this, from other Managers and Directors, who fought to lower staffing
standards. Berry is no longer Chairman, but continues to serve as a Board member and represent Children’s Services Management. Berry has worked to support Certification at YYC,
despite conflicts and changes in the Certification “status” of government employees. Berry continues to ensure that applicants, for Team Leader Positions, are screened in if they are
first Current Certified Child Care Counsellors.

Other recent significant efforts at YYC, include being part of establishing Skill Based and Treatment Based Groups, on all units from Secure, PESCA, Open and Intensive Therapy
Groups 6+ hours on the Mental Health Unit. Berry has, in the last five years, insured the installation of Resilient and Solution Focused approaches, in all facets of the programs, with
mandatory training, and active program adjustments that are on-going.

The final point we need to raise, has to do with his professional representation and “Leadership” when at any regional management meetings, group care meetings, and ACSSF
meetings demonstrating sound principles of youth counsellor practice in Edmonton and Alberta. Berry is recognized in any setting, conference or meeting involving our practice and
“turf” for his skills and leadership.

Ron Strauss, the original nominator of Berry for the provincial award, stated: “I have known Berry for 35+ years, as we have worked for similar or same institutions or agencies
including the last 20+ years at YYC. I would highly recommend him for this award.”
2010 National Child and Youth Care Award Recipient: Berry Goble
While Berry was aware of the award the certificate and acknowledgement of the award eventually happened in a
“Come and Go Surprise Tea” September 10th at Yellowhead Youth Centre.

In attendance at the tea were Berry’s family including a brother who made the trip from Calgary for the occasion,
representatives of the Alberta Child and Youth Care Worker Association, Region 6 senior management, former
coworkers, managers of other child care programs and present and former staff of Yellowhead Youth Centre.

Ron Strauss, former assistant manger of YYC started the presentations with a few words, followed by   Carmen
Roberts Kowalchuk and Jenny McGrath of the ACYCWA who presented the certificate to Berry.

Next Berry was given a chance to speak, claiming he was surprised by the tea and had thought last week that
maybe they had lost the certificate and were afraid to tell him.  Berry thanked the group and acknowledged that he
has had a lot of support during the years and couldn’t have done it without them.

Further presentations were made to Berry by Region 6’s CEO Carol Anne Patenaude who presented a desk clock
trophy as well as a presentation on behalf of the board of Region 6.  Then a presentation by Region 6 Senior
Manager Bryan Kelly of a plaque to hang in the reception area of YYC.

A final presentation of flowers was made to Berry’s wife Wilma Goble.  

This was followed by photo opportunities and networking.
Above left: Bryan Kelly presented Berry with a plaque.

Above right: Jenny McGrath, Berry and CYCAA President Carman Roberts