Its funny how things do not
dawn on you even though
they stare you in the face
constantly. I had one of
those moments driving up to
the beaches this summer.
Manitoba is noted for its
canola fields which blaze
forth in July with bright
yellow swatches that rival
anything the Dutch can
come up with in terms of
floral display. One distinctive
thing about  the image was
the sharp definition of the
horizon. It is so distinct to be
almost technically true.
Thinking of other images
from the beaches I soon
realized that this straight
horizon is often there, indeed
it is a feature of the region
and almost as distinct as the
Rockies in it's impact. This
is more often seen and
noted by artists that those
who live with it. People on
the prairies have a strong
love of the land but often can
not describe what it is. It is
the sky of course. The sky
has a power and majesty all
of its own yet it is transient
and so never quite achieves
the awareness we assign to
the Rockies for example.
These images feature the