It is hard to believe a
decade has gone by.
But then, that is
nothing for many
around here who can
count their years in
several decades.
Some proudly let you
know this when they
meet you, something I
refuse to do.

Much, of course, has
changed as the site
displays. The rush of
nesting in the
beginning gave way to
welcome visits from
the curious from
friends and colleagues
from over the years.
There is always work to
be done but the real
job is just that of
slowing down and
taking it easy. Hard to
believe that this takes
work but it does.
Slowly, long, warm
mornings with the
birds visiting, the sun
streaming and having
nothing better to do
than read the paper
and enjoy one's coffee
works its magic on a
person and soon doing
nothing well becomes
a lifestyle. Now, I
notice it more in
guests who begin to
loosen up, take more
walks and search the
shore. They too,
whether they would
admit it are being
lulled into the cottage
experience. It is
something you have to
give time to, decades
of time apparently.

It helps to have a
village that has its
institutions, the
festivals, garage sales,
and long weekend
celebrations to drive
things along. Initially,
you attend to it all but
after a while, become
choosy about what to
attend. Every now and
then a village wide
issue crops up to raise
everyone's hackles for
a time. The majority
has won in every case
so far and the process
only strengthens the
resolve and bond with
the village, itself.

This tenth year has
been one of transition.
Some have passed,
some have moved, and
it was very quiet on
the visitor front.
Remarkably, it all flies
by, over sixty nights in
residence, pass by in
no time and here it is,
Fall, with leaves
everywhere and much
to attend to and little
time to do it in.

At a time when the
world seems to be
officially going to hell
in a global warming
hand basket, this
lifestyle is both a
privilege and a
nostalgic reality. The
scars can be clearly
seen here but they are
nothing compared to
the ravages this
summer has seen in
the great floods and
fires. I will stick with
the illusion of it all for
awhile longer.
The Village as it is lovingly called was threatened in 2014 with an edict from the government to remove its long held exceptional status as a summer community with summer
elections, one of three such municipalities in the province. Full time residents did not quite make it to the necessary 1000 point, while in fact the true total was 1800 tax paying
residents. Protests were called, letters written and at the 11th hour, the exception made to allow the municipalities to continue their exceptional status. In some ways, it all was a
good experience to go through as it brought villagers together, yet again to express their love of the place and most important, of the lifestyle that has been established there.
Yard sales remain a favoured pass time in the summer. Sadly, village life is also life itself and that means aging out, sometimes passing on, selling the cottage and
moving on. The sales and those who especially use them to protect and resell the antiques and furnishings to the new comers. Certainly, some escape being snapped
up by dealers yet many find their way back into the cottages and new cottages in the area. Clearly, this cottager has been into it all and tens years on, editing the collections
is necessary.
A decade on, the lifestyle, that incredible sense of being removed from the rat race to an earlier time where doors are open, neighbours are friendly, children play in the yards, folks
stroll with their dogs - their purebred dogs and folks tend to meet at the pier in the afternoon to celebrate the moments in the sun. Moments, long moments is what it is all about. The
artistic attempt to capture those moments and certainly do much to express the beauty of the place. Twice a year, the Wave Tour continues to share and underwrite their work.
It is hard to believe that three seasons pass by so quickly. Perhaps, that is the magic of the moments suspended as they are in timeless enjoyment, simply savoured.