The lifestyle at the lake is
much like it is anywhere
with the exception of a real
sense of the brakes being on
that unrelenting pace of
things in the city. Quiet, only
the waves rolling in the
distance. Green with forests
and grasses everywhere.
Surprises such as a
woodpecker or blue jay
drops by to forage around
for a spell. That foraging
takes place on the human
haven all summer long.
Indeed, if you need
something, wait until
Saturday as chances are,
someone out there will be
selling it. One local is an
expert picker and always
has the best sales, re
purposing items from the
past, often a good hundred
years old or more. There is
always something
happening each weekend
from the humble yard sale
right up to the internationally
famous Icelandic Festival in
Gimili each August long
weekend. In the evenings,
the locals love to set of their
fireworks. This drives Ducky
crazy. He thinks it is open
season on Beardies and
literally will sit on my head
for comforting. The amazing
thing is how quickly it all
passes by, really only about
ten weeks and then the
place slumbers on for
another winter.
Falcon Beach, the movie
was shot in and around the
beaches. Some lucky
residents got to give up their
cottages for about a three
week stretch for 'cottage
the television series
managing two seasons with
global and ABC with sales
into 100 plus global
markets. In the spring of
2007, it was cancelled,
perhaps just in time as the
locals were becoming more
black and white about the
presence of the production
units around town for the
The Art Tour has become a
tradition spring and fall,
allowing for a showcase of
local artists and galleries. It
all ranges from small craft
items to large and
extremely fine paintings by
major artists on the
Canadian scene. Many
show directly out of their
cottages, allowing for a real
estate tour as well.