Staying put means paying
Staying put means paying
attention, more and more to
the little things. There is
beauty all around yet it is
precious. For example, the
beach you see above is long
gone, now reduced to rocky
rubble by vicious storms out
of the north. The willows
reduced to a string of rocks.
As the season ended in
2007, the beaches began to
return in the form of small
rocks. It is an open debate
that the sand will follow in
the spring. The lake was
especially low going into the
dangerous fall storm season
which will prevent further
erosion but may also
prevent rebuilding. Change
is constant and brutal in
these parts and therefore
forces appreciation out of
the moment as it may
quickly pass.
quickly pass.

At Christmas then, the
priority became an even
better camera and a
telephoto lens with the intent
to capture more of the
natural side of the lake. A
few of the bird images on
this page were shot using
the 1000 mm possible with
this lens. As it weighs about
six pounds and mounts on a
tripod, this is no easy
undertaking but then these
birds are not the easiest of
subjects. When they get a
sense of you being present,
they are gone.

The computer devoted to
image work broke down as
well which leaves these few
images as the legacy of the
summer's shooting.

A new feature this last
season was a pack of
coyotes. They lived in the
buses on the east side and
would fall into song just after
sundown. They have been
spotted on occasion and
could be an emerging
concern. The local dogs tend
to be shelties which would
be no match for a pack of
coyotes. It will be interesting
to see if they make it
through the winter.