It was a bit of a surprise on
the real estate description of
the cottage that it was
classified as a 'resort'. Like
most Canadians, I grew up
going to the cottage or the
cabin, taking the
recreational aspect of it all
for granted. Resorts were
for the well to do. However,
that is the history of the area
as this was one of the first
resort areas established in
Manitoba beginning in at the
turn of the Century. In those
days, trains and boats
brought folks up for the
season along with their
steamer trunks of clothes,
china and white linens. They
strolled, sailed and swam
wearing their bathing
costumes which only left
their arms and legs exposed.
Now folks wear a good deal
less to swim and the accent
is upon personal water craft
like kyacks and ski doos.

While I tend to only swim in
the water and do a lot of
shore walking I used the
interiors of the cottage to
emphasis the point of the
resort aspect. Guests
clearly know they are not
just anywhere but
someplace different with
references to the Canadian
experience at every turn.
Everything is reinforced
through ongoing local
activities from our Canada
Day celebrations through to
the many festivals and
events staged each
weekend all summer long.
Fireworks are common with
private parties usually
ending in displays from the
humble right through to

With the history of the area
and the many weekend tag
sales, the trade in vintage
items is brisk. Most
cottages have a fair bit of
memorabilia. It could be
argued I have gone beyond
fair. The cottage reflects
seasonal change. In
summer, nautical themes
predominate with decoys,
lanterns and life rings out.
As the days shrink to
darkness, the antlers, wood
piles and diamond willow
displace it all for a winter
look. The use of the cottage
in winter is provisional. With
a continuous running spring
down the road it is possible
to bring in enough water to
make it all cozy, if primitive.
The issue is the amount of
snow to be shovelled to get
in and out of the place. There
was a blizzard on New
Year's in 2007 that dumped
several feet overnight. The
locals just got out their toys
and cleared it all up in an
evening beating the city by
several days. The place is
toasty after a night of
heaters running at full tilt
and makes for a great base
for cross country skiing.