I sometimes think the trade
off from the RV years, aside
from plugging everything in
each stop, has been the
switch from sights to waking
up to another new touring
adventure in the Grand
Canyon, the forests of each
stop, has been the northern
British Columbia or on a Key
in the tropics, you wake up
to well, the same old same
old. Of course, this is not
literally so, you wake up to
the weather. If there, is
something that dominates
one's mind at the lake, it is
the weather. As a young
person I developed the
ability to tell the time by
shadows and take a weather
reading by the sun at night,
in the morning and the
weight of the air. After
awhile, you become quite
good at predicting it all.
Certainly, you quickly
double check this out with
the local weather forecast!
Weather rules as it decides
what kind of day you could
potentially have. Inside or
outside, on the lake, away
from the lake, snuggled or
hanging loose. The first year
at the lake was a dud. Cold
temperatures dominated the
year and the seasons. I think
there was a one week
stretch of incredible beach
weather, the rest overcast,
chilly and a pain.

A few season's on and a
slave like devotion to the
Weather Channel has been
realized. I must check it
twice or more a day. Then
there is the issue of why one
bothers as the weather can
do its own thing anyway.
New Year's 06 was that
way. Out of nowhere the
season's largest dump of
snow suddenly was just
there creating a winter
wonderland. Ironically, we
were dug out at the lake well
before the city had even
made a dint in the mess.

Also, a few season's on, the
impact of global climate
change is becoming more
pronounced. There was
hardly any snow prior to
New Years, a sugar crystal
covering really. In much of
the country it was a green
Christmas and there was a
general concern about it all.
Winter did settle in finally,
here and elsewhere. Lake
Winnipeg remains the most
polluted lake in Canada. It is
literally hanging under a
death sentence from algae
blooms choking the life out
of it. Some have sold
because of this, many will
not swim in it. Global climate
change has an incremental
and subtle impact, one over
which there is little control
or understanding. To help, a
simple thing you can do is
simply go phosphate free in
your cleaning products.
Hardly a big change but if
everyone did it, the algae
would loose their source of
food and begin to retreat.
Geese are a certain sign of spring. Here, snow geese have stopped by to rest on their long migration north
to the high Arctic. There can be thousands in the bay in spring and fall and yet curiously, none over the
summer. Canada geese take up residence all over the city but none here where marshlands are
everywhere. No complaints though as they are messy and dangerous.