In 1998 there was a Neepawa High School Reunion. As it turned out, it was the last time all of the senior family members would gather. It
was a chance to go 'home' for a week and taking a peek into the past through my Mother's eys.
Neepawa High School Reunion
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My Mother, Verna Goodwin looked forward to the event for a year..
Family is the focus of her travel and this provided her with the best
excuse to come south one again from Flin Flon. Her name along
with other family members was included in the very public sign in
the bank informing the town as to who was going to attend Reunion
1998. It was even possible to copy her actual High School picture
from the local museum.
The Neepawa High School reunion began with registration on July 3,
1998. There was a   memory room at the high school to which folks
were invited to bring things which would spark conversation.  The
displays, grouped by decade through 1928-1998, certainly did that.
There were many laughs and stories already being recalled in that
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My Aunts had a great time looking over the displays, which in some cases included themselves. What was
noticeable was the emphasis given to sports, teams and therefore men in the past. One Aunt had been a
track and field champion but that went unrecorded in those days while the boys teams were certainly
brought front and center for their photos. One can only imagine the amount of female history lost to future
generations due to this bias.
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In the evening, everyone gathered at the Yellow head Center
for a beer garden style get-together. Suddenly, it was clear
how big a deal this reunion was for parking became a
problem as seventy years worth of students came back to
share in the reunion experience. There were Mc Comb's there
who had attended Neepawa High School from the 30's
through to the 70's.
Once inside folks were treated to wieners, a cash bar and
bands. In truth, the arena filled with the sound of
conversations, so many, so simultaneous that comments of it
all sounding like a jet were made. It was the liveliest of times
as school chums from all eras gathered to recall their days at
Neepawa High. One little detail overlooked was the printing on
the name tags in that it was regulation sized, not bi-focal
sized. The result was folks seizing one another's tag to recall
a name and sometimes, just giving up. Volunteers kept the
hot dogs, drinks and entertainment coming all night.
First published July 1, 1998 on the occasion of the Neepawa High School Reunion.  Garth Goodwin
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Arrangements were made for a group
photograph over at the school. I was
able to go up on the roof with the official
photographer to put this time line image