This website takes its name from the Lion's Riverbend Park in Neepawa, Manitoba. The park was the central gathering place for events large and small in
the days our grandparents lived in the town. It is also the place I had the misfortune of staging my
first drowning. Today, there is a fine campground
there and a modern swimming pool leaving the river to meander in peace.
Lou McComb was an Irishman and very proud of that fact. He was born in the Bruce Peninsula of Ontario. Each year he would march in the Orangeman's Parade, a trot
around town by the many Irish of the time to express their pride in their heritage. Lou carried the drum. He worked for the Canadian National Railway as a trackman. One of his
passions was dancing and he met and well, claimed Flossie at one such dance.
The site is dedicated to Lou
and Flossie McComb, my
maternal grandparents.
photo credit Jean
Such visiting was once a prime
time activity for members of the
McComb family when they got
holidays and so forth. For the
most part, that meant visiting
down south as Flin Flon was just
too far away. The Findlay's,
however, did bite the bullet and
make the torturous journey north
one summer when the boys were
young, there still was swimming at
Phantom Lake and the house was
pink, very pink. I remember Dad
mixing that stucco and thinking
just how pink it was but it was
what Mom wanted, nothing shy
about our house.
In August of 2004, aunts, cousins, and grand in-laws
and out-laws gathered to celebrate a very special 50th
Anniversary for Verla and Forest. Once again the weather
was the pits but the fellowship made up for that.

Especially, my aunts taking the lead on a conga dance to
pull folks up out of their chairs to dance-something Lou
McComb would totally want to see happen.

A round of golf ended the weekend.
While initially, the intention of this website was to be a portal to the McComb Cousins, it has become more personal focusing upon those events when
cousin's visit for events.
For six years now life has literally
been a beach as I have adopted
the cottage lifestyle that has one
packing up each Friday and booting
it up to the lake. The cottage has
its own
website, of course!
The summer of 2009, specifically July 18 was notable for the
wedding of my nephew Allan Goodwin and Michelle. In a
summer of almost non-stop rain, it was a miracle of sorts when
the day was warm and sunny, everything you would want for a
backyard wedding. Preparations kept folks busy for months
with many drafts and redrafts for the day. It totally helped to
have a wedding planner among the in laws to give the event a
theme and decorate the hall wonderfully.

Everyone enjoyed the festivities and the wedding provided the
excuse for a number of cousins to get together once again.
Jean, Linda and later, Cheryl stayed in Dunnattor for a few
days, again with great weather.  
July 15 2008, five McComb Sisters gathered in Gimili for a visit
and went over to Garth's for a brunch. It was a real privilege
to host Mom's sisters on a sunny day. Each in their own way
channel aspects of her values and outlook allowing for an
afternoon of family appreciation.
The wedding was certainly the high point of a busy summer but not exclusively so. The year was
notable for a few flight trips. Toronto for the Ontario child and youth care 50th anniversary conference
was yet another opportunity to visit that great city and have my agenda dash plans to connect with
nearby family. I was downtown at the Metropolitan and somewhat intimidated by the city and
challenged to master the subway and The Rocket. Between the conference which was notable for
being a reunion with old friends from the profession and the neighborhoods, a week sped by.
Someday, I hope to just go back to ramble again.

New York was a personal highlight. A consulting gig that took me to Newark, NJ twice became the
jumping off point for a two day trip to New York. First time out I was far to intimidated to get over there in
the four hours I had. Second time around I was determined to get downtown. A whirlwind few days
involving trains, monorails, subways and miles of walking did allow me to skim through the highlights
of the city. The Polo Store was the one chosen destination and I arrived there late in the afternoon.
Suddenly, this young lady came along with two Beardies and I became caught up with them. It was not
until I got home that I realized these were Polo Beardies, perhaps even R. L.'s own! Good thing
because I could not visit the home floor of the mansion as it was being done up for the fall season, to
officially open that weekend. Just a good reason to go back.  New York turned out to be safe, a feast of
the familiar and exciting.
The end of the year brought a surprise. I was on a
Christmas clean up binge in the basement and
came across this small money box with my Dad's
stamp on it. Locked, so I to break into the thing and
then found it contained items Mom had probably set
aside. There were five Mr. Peanut figures from the
parades in Neepawa we knew as kids. Each year,
Mr. Peanut came around on a float and peanuts
were thrown out at us kids along with the wee
figures. Planters had some connection with the salt
works and sponsored this annual event. Also, there
was a cup which was Mom's shaving cup for
Grandpa. The brush, and a replacement soap,
(Woolworth's 26 cents) and this image, literally the
same size as the cup. Wedding Day? In any case,
my grandparents and someone I cannot identify,
young and dressed in their very best. Note the white
gloves on Grandma. So, a true gift to share with the
guests to this site.