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National Conference May 4-6, 2018 Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
Transitions and Transformations is now history. Hopefully, a fine enough chapter it will allow the CYCABC to endure
going forward. The CYCABC, formed in 1969 is the second oldest child and youth care association in Canada. It
board member. The years since have been a struggle. Cost cutting and re branding the work itself did much to
confuse the situation yet several stepped forward to see the association represented at an International Conference
in Victoria and since that time. A new young president, Janet Vanderhor Westcott decided to host the biannual
national conference, formed a team and the rest was been delightful.
Supported by hotel staff, the conference team kept everything clicking along. Running throughout was the work of student/artist, 16 year old Maisie Porter.
(seen to the left above with Katrine Conroy, Minister for Children and Family Development in BC). Signed and framed prints of her design for the conference
logo were given to conference presenters and guests. The committee chose locals for presenters:
Vikki Reynolds, PhD who put a capital M on motivation,
Bernard Richard, the province's then outgoing Representative for Children and Youth and Jim Anglin, PhD, a speaker familiar to many for his long career
promoting child and youth care. Richmond was a modern, almost Disney-like setting offering an array of Asian dining and shopping experiences. The side
benefit of discovering yet another corner of Canada was rewarded yet again. The Council salutes the CYCABC on mounting a fine conference experience
for all who attended.