The Piers of Dunnottar
Summer is the time when the piers are at their best and justify all the work and effort that goes into creating them. Each
attracts a faithful and loyal following, especially the community piers that serve a part of the individual communities. Matlock
has a huge park with play structures, a wide beach and a gentle slope that extends out into the lake. There, the pier simply
has the purpose of taking one out to where it is deep enough to take a genuine swim. The sands rise and fall in bars all the
way out allowing for a child friendly beach. In Ponemah regular users are more familiar with each other. Many have set
times to meet at the pier to spend the afternoon together. Many have been doing so for years having spent their entire
lives on the lake at generational cottages that have passed on in the same family since the 1890's. With a lifetime of
connection, these residents know each other and gauge newcomers for a few seasons before accepting them into the
circle rather like the reputation of Prince Edward Islanders for accepting only those born on the island as true islanders. In
a rapid change world, it can be either a put off or a privilege to have a senior resident greet your three or four seasons
there with a remark about coming up to the lake since the early 50's. For the day guest to the area, this may appear
snobby to the extreme while for those settling in, there is the reassurance of the continuity and character of the villages.
A beach asks very little of one beyond sitting or laying in the sun. There is something
about a beach with a crowd on it. In an age when the sun is dangerous it perhaps helps to
have the support of like minded sun worshipers or simply the support of everyone doing very
little or next to nothing with their time.
Dogs are not allowed on the piers, along with a number of
other things. The villages are also dog communities as dogs
and cottages just seem to go together. There are more
private places where dogs can swim without upsetting others.