National Child and Youth Care Award 2002
Attached are testimonials from Lori's
co-workers, employees whom she
supervises, parents, and young people.
They speak for themselves.
Lori has been a youth care worker for
almost nine years. During that time, she
has worked exclusively with the St.
Francis Foundation in St. John's.
.....I have known Lori Leonard for over 2
years now. When I first met Lori I was
pretty mad at the world. But Lori worked
with me and my Mom and now things are
just great! I am getting all As and Bs in
school now and I never miss even one day
of school. My Mom always liked and
respected Lori and told me I should listen to
her and I tried to. I think I learned a lot
from Lori. And Lori is really good with
other kids. And when she told your to do
something you usually did it but not because
you were afraid of her. You did it because
you respected her. Lori also has a good
sense of humor and that is real important to
me. It makes life easier. I don't think I every
told Lori I liked her but I do and I'm glad I
met her.
Lori is amazing! Everything she does is
focused on the young people and what is
in their best interests. She never deviates
from this and is very vocal with regard to
identifying the needs of young people and
advocating on their behalf. On top of this,
she has excellent intervention skills, a great
sense of humor, and an impeccable work
ethic. Lori also uses her personal talents
and skills in her work with the young
people. These include carpentry and
painting - there are no delays in getting
holes fixed in the walls when Lori is
around, and all of the young people she
works with leave the program with some
very useful life skills!
I should like, at this time, to write a few words of appreciation of
the work that Lori Leonard has done with my sixteen year old
son, during the last two years. During this time Lori has
consistently shown me that she has a genuine deep love and
appreciation for young people. Her concern goes far beyond a
9-5 job. I have seen her with many young people during these
two years, and she has approached each and every one of them
equally with great respect, consideration, patience and
enthusiasm. There had to have been a myriad of times that Lori
was truly exhausted with the immensity of her job, and, yet, I can
honestly say that I never, ever saw her express or show
negativity towards anyone. Lori taught my son many valuable
lessons, but she also taught me many as well, through her fine
example of warmth, dedication, professionalism, humor and
heart. The irony here in trying to write words to express my
feelings of gratitude towards Lori Leonard is that there really
are no words adequate enough to describe someone such as
Lori. It has truly been an honour and a privilege to have gotten
to know here.
Lori is also somewhat of a pioneer. She is
always looking for innovative and creative
ideas, and open to trying new approaches.
When our organization switched to a more
"family centered" approach, Lori was one
of the first staff to jump on board, and has
now developed skills in this area that
parallel her skills with young people.
a young person
In April 2001, Lori was promoted to a management position within the St. Francis
Foundation. She is now the coordinator for two residential programs, a group home and
an independence training program. Lori has assumed the position of coordinator with the
same level of commitment and responsibility that she demonstrated as a front-line youth
care worker. At the same time that she was promoted, Lori made the decision to return to
school, and is now in her second year of the Child and Youth Care degree program at the
University of Victoria. Although Lori is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable
employees in the organization, she continues to learn more and never stops trying to do
better - this is what makes her so valuable!
Lori is also a member of the Child and Youth Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, and has been actively involved in the planning of the 12th
National Child and Youth Care Conference as a member of the hospitality and steering committees.
Lori is a youth care worker and proud of it. She is always talking about how much she loves her job, and she means it - and not just during the easy times.
Lori is an inspiration to those around her and a credit to the field. She is truly deserving of the national young care worker award.
Jackie Kelly
We have a son....who was 14 years old, when he went to St. Francis Group Home. This is where we first
met Lori Leonard.
We found Lori to be very friendly and helpful. Lori has a great lot of patience and has fantastic listening
Lori is a great youth worker and is dependable and honest and she takes great pride in her work. We have
seen the way Lori handles some of the other children, and realize how much respect the children have for
her. Our son is 17 now, and at least once a month she will call here (Phone) and have a chat. A few times
they went for a coffee, our son says its easy to talk to Lori, because he said she listens, and don't judge him.
We have had the opportunity to meet with Lori on several occasions and we truly believe she has the
characteristics of a great youth worker and leader
Lori is nice.
The first day I had my drivers Permit Lori
took me driving (so she got guts). Now I
have my license.
  • Lori is honest.
  • Lori knows and understands (empathy).
  • Lori has a great sense of humor.
  • Lori has a lot of Patience.
  • Lori is a great listener.
  • Lori understands she has to lead by example sometimes to show others to do the same.
  • Lori is a helper and a giver.
  • Lori is #1 with our family.
Lori took good care of me when I was in
care. When we went on Key Work I could
always talk to her.
I think Lori is a good worker with youth like
We believe Lori is a very beautiful person and she tries to do her best at everything she sets out to do.
a young person
To sum up a letter like this, you must know that after knowing Lori for 3 years now, we think Lori is quite
an asset to the profession she's chosen, and a gigantic asset to her employer, The St. Francis Foundation.
We know what a great asset Lori is to the children and their parents.
May God follow and help Lori as she continues to help others.
Yours with great respect, parents
a parent
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