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In 2008, the Code of Ethics of the International Leadership Coalition of Professional Child and Youth Care was
adopted by Canadian Council of Child and Youth Care Associations. The Ethics document resulted from the work
of Martha A. Mattingly of the Program in Child Development and Child Care, University of Pittsburgh who
conducted a meta-analysis of existing codes and consulted widely throughout the child and youth care
associations of the day. Her work was viewed as comprehensive and inclusive by the Council, rendering any
attempt to craft an alternative would be an exercise in replication.  As such, the Council as well as many Provincial
Associations and Education Institutes, and agencies have adopted this Code of Ethics as their guiding principles.

The Child and Youth Care Code of Ethics incorporates five areas of responsibility for Child and Youth Care
1.        Responsibility to Self
2.        Responsibility to the Client
3.        Responsibility to the Organization
4.        Responsibility to the Profession
5.        Responsibility to Society