Humble beginnings department. Garth being list driven and
delayed by weather had to chop his way through freezing rain,
Value Village (for fleece) and the Humane Society, so he missed
the breakfast and the change in plans from the picnic venue to Al
and Jane's house. He learned this via a call to Al, driving the golf
cart-guys golfing, gals visiting at the house. Good decision,
although folks were out, those with fires seemed happier.
Picking up a map and then a cruise back into the city brought us to
the house. It was a bee hive of activity with Linda slicing ham steaks
and everyone milling about.
It was the first opportunity to meet Mathew, who himself was
conveniently meeting everyone in the larger family before
marrying Linda, a few weeks hence.
The golfers returned, typically delighted
with their outing and everyone ate and
continued to visit on into the evening. The
cheesecake was especially good, a delight
to a Winnipeger.
By all accounts the afternoon had been a
blast with the young people demolishing
a huge order of chicken and then settling
into rooms to watch videos and
television. A box of photographs
collected over the years by Aunt Marg
was the  focal point in the living room.
Others set about creating the buffet for
the main meal.