This suite of pages reports on Together Towards A Better
World For Children, Adolescents and Families
held in Vienna,
Austria, August 22nd to 25th, 2016. The FICE Congress has 33
years of global conferencing under its belt. This was CYC-Net's
2nd outing as a World conference. The experience was exciting,
overwhelming at times, thrilling at times and this writer suspects
unforgettable for those who attended. Once the jewel of the Holy
Roman Empire, Vienna retains much of its fabled past while
maintaining a cutting edge city of incredible vibrancy underscored
by one of the finest public transportation systems going. That is
what one does here, one goes, soaking up palaces, squares, the
finest shopping, coffees, wines, beers and cuisines available. In a
word, incredible!
Carol Kelly and a few of her friends. A panorama shot was perhaps called for. Please do the stitching in your imagination. What a group! What a happy group! The members of the 33rd annual
meeting of the FICE Congress and those of the 3rd CYC-Net Clan Gathering had their working day done at this point. The next day, they would be joined by fellow presenters and registrants, 600 or
so in all, from 60 nations for a fabulous conference. Raise your glass for a digital toast to a fine group of folks who champion children and youth around the world.
Vienna: hanging out on the Danube

It is the privilege of youth to have time, precious time, to just hang out, soak up the sun, enjoy a beverage and watch the world drift by. This never wasted time as it lays the groundwork for association,
networking, discussion and sharing experiences that may take on a more formal structure and committed discipline over the years ahead. At any age, it is important to stop, settle and watch the world
drift by for awhile.
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