Letaba, probably like any region in South Africa has
Impala. Their horns go straight up in a gentle curve.
More important is their numbers as they are the food
source for many of the region's carnivores including this
writer who, when faced with the choice of meat for the
evening braai went with impala as it was familiar.
Mercifully, there were no twinges of eating Bambi
involved as by that time the numbers were obvious. The
meat itself was just that, grass fed and routine like beef.

Impala can be found most anywhere and in any
combination from pairs to female or male groups,
sometimes termed bachelor groups.
Impala are the food stock of Africa.
The African Buffalo is one of the Big Five: elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and rhinoceros. We saw
three of the five, if one counts a road crossing dash by the leopard.
Cats, lion, panther, and leopard were very rare
although folks did see them. More luck with birds like
Southern Ground Hornbill to the right.
Finally the Common Waterbuck seen obviously around water.